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Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it
Here's a way to track, on an ongoing basis, which clothes you wear and which you tend to ignore. Turn the hangers backward over the rod for items you suspect are worn infrequently. If you pull a garment off and wear it, turn the hanger around properly. Soon it will be easy to spot clothe that aren't getting much use because their hangers will still be backwards.

Most people wear twenty percent of their clothes eighty percent of the time

Most people wear twenty percent of their clothes eighty percent of the time.
It would be unrealistic to get rid of that unused majority all at once. Instead, clean out your closet progressively. Start at one end. Look at each garment and assign it to one of three categories:
1. Keep. The keep items that should stay in your closet are those that you wear often. You may find special occasion and sentimentally significant items that you want to hold onto. Identify a separate storage space for these so your closet isn't so full.