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Get rid of all your memories?

You'll have to "get rid of all your memories?
Getting organized not about throwing away your memories. But it's hard to relax when keepsakes compete for your attention from every direction. If you're saving something because it holds a special memory for you, double check whether there's another way to reminisce. Does some other object prompt similar emotions? Consider this: what it giving away an item would enhance its significance? Share your cherished possessions now with younger generations and see them come alive again.

The cost of clutter

The cost of clutter
How much has clutter cost you?
* Have you ever incurred late fees and interest charges because you paid a bill after the due date.
* Have you ever bought a duplicate tool because you couldn't find this one you had or forgot you even owned it?
* Have you paid a premium to mail a package at the last minute?
*Did you have to keep a purchase you decided you didn't want, just because the store's return cutoff date had already passed?
* Have you good clothes ever been ruined by moth roles because they weren't stored appropriately?

Keep only what is beautiful, useful or loved

Keep only what is beautiful, useful or loved.
When you are sorting through your stuff, sometimes it's hard to decide if an item should stay or go. Ask yourself these questions:
1. Is it beautiful?
2.Is it useful?
3.Is it loved?
If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, it should stay. If the answer is "no" to all three, it can probably go.

What to do with children's artwork

What to do with children's artwork
Overwhelmed with the art your children create every day? Not sure what to do with it? You have four options:
*Display- Only a few pieces should be chosen to display. Decide where you'll do this on the refrigerator, tacked to a bulletin board or framed and hung in the hallway). Make a plan for rotating the pictures. You may refresh the refrigerator display every week, but frame other masterpieces and leave them up for years.
*Mail- What you've chosen to mail to grandparents and other admirers should be sent on its way quickly.


Time management for kids
When teaching time management to a child, use an analog clock ( One where the hands move around in a circle) rather than a digital clock. Time is easier for them to conceptualize when they can see the minutes moving by.
A signal that your child is old enough to learn to plan is that he begins to receive long term homework assignments. Have him record the due date on a month at a glance calendar. Then have him establish interim dead lines and note those on the calendar too.

Household items can be converted into kids storage units

Ordinary household items can be converted into kids storage units
PICNIC TABLE UTENSIL HOLDERS-Designed to separate forks, spoons and knives, these are usually divided into four to six compartments. They work well for organizing craft supplies such as markers, crayons and paint brushes.
OVER-THE-DOOR POCKET BAGS- Choose one with clear pockets. Instead of putting it in clothes closet for shoes, hang it in the hall closet so hats and gloves are within kids reach. Or place it in the bathroom to corral barrettes, ponytail scrunchies and hair ribbon.

Manage kids toys

The upside to putting up toys
When the number of toys under foot overwhelms you and your children, establish a rotation schedule. Note the ones they currently play with the most, leave these out, and put the rest away in the attic or the basement. After a few months, put more toys away and bring others out. The benefits to both of you are.
* Children are more likely to focus and play creatively if not distracted by too many choices.
* There are fewer toys to make mess.
*When you bring back toys they haven't seen in a while, it's like something new to play with.

Childrens/Spring cleaning

A closet for all ages and stages
You expect to buy new clothes and shoes as your youngsters grow, but not entire new closet systems. Yet as they mature, children's storage needs change. An adjustable closet can be reconfigured as needed.
*Choose an adjustable closet system that has components such as rods, shelves and drawers available.
*Look for one that's easy to install. The best require you to drill holes only for one horizontal track that goes near the ceiling.
*When your child is young, configure the closet with at least two rods.

Children have the same need to be organized

Children/Organization skills
Children have the same need to be organized that adults do. Think about it. They have academic and personal demands on their time, and on top of that they're still figuring out who they are. It's a lot to ask of a young person. But when they're organized, life is easier on them and you. They juggle schoolwork and extracurricular activities better. You relax because there are fewer manic mornings and frantic searches for missing stuff. Both of you take pleasure in having more time to spend together doing what you enjoy.